Wednesday, 4 April 2012

How to get in the CS:GO Beta

One of the most efficient ways to get in the Counter Strike: Global offensive Beta is to complete the Survey which has been supplied by steam.

You will need steam to open it and it will ask you questions about hardware you would use to play the beta on. Filling in this survey doesn’t guarantee you a place in the beta but is the most effective way. In addition to this make sure you spend some time playing the previous Counter Strike editions as this may aid your application.


  1. i did this weeks ago and still haven't gotten one :(

  2. Nice find, thanks for posting!

  3. is it possible without steam?

    1. I'm sorry you require steam to play the Beta and do the survey.

  4. i'll give it a try! Nice tips and blog btw!

  5. Ill give this a crack later I fancy playing some counter strike thanks for sharing man

  6. have done survey weeks ago , but still no beta key :(

    Anyways check out CounterStrike Global Offensive full version Giveaway if you want the game for free.