Monday, 16 April 2012

Flash / Smoke Exploit discovered

A flash and smoke grenade exploit has been discovered on the CS: GO beta by a chap called “Deman”. He highlighted the exploit on the Steam forums and provided instructions on how to do it.

In console:
Type sv_cheats 1
Exec the configs or enter them manually.
Type sv_cheats 0
Join a server, if it doesn't works disconnect and repeat the steps listed above.
VAC proof since it doesn't alter any files and is purely a cvar exploit.

Following the above instructions will make you immune to flash grenades and will allow you to see through smokes much more clearly. Bear in mind that this exploit may work fine now but will most likely be purged in the next update on Friday.



  1. Well, it's still beta, but good to know

  2. Sorry devvers@valve, but again the same mistake. You guys really should learn something from previous mistakes.
    in CSS it was the same, check what you guys did to fix it was removing the command? What other things we have to expect from you, what also failed in CSS? Crouchbug, first bullet has lower spread after reload/switch, shitty interpolation?

    Cheers, Raging CSS player.

  3. Great info on CS! Following this one closely.

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  5. Too bad I have a lame computer and I'm still stuck on CS 1.6...
    Though I'm sure your post will help people who do play CS Source.