Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New Recoil Update - Precision

The 21st of April maybe the day we all remember about the recoil debates in CS: GO. An update on Friday to the recoil made many people happy and some not so much. The recoil was tightened an extreme amount making the M4 and AK much more controlled, not only when spraying but also picking.

This is a great video posted by Cadred which gives a great demonstration of the new recoil patterns and improved precision.

This shift from unpredictable spread to pin point accuracy has certainly revived my attention for the beta. It now feels like each click is important; the chances of gaining that long distance headshot are now back in my hands. This upgrade in recoil has not been received in positive light by all as some gamers judged the changes as too easy, minimising the amount of skill required. In my opinion this new, more precise recoil allows players to really show off their skill and not get held back by unreliable accuracy.


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