Monday, 23 April 2012

CS: GO Tip #1

Something that isn't completely obvious at first is the importance of sound within Counter Strike. If you can learn to use sound effectively it will come as a massive advantage. Put on a headset (make sure you have the left and right on the correct ears) and turn the volume up. You will begin to get a sense of where players are located around you, for example if you are near a running player you will be able to hear his footsteps, this information will allow you to prepare for his presence.

Decoy GrenadeThe aspect of sound works both ways, you need to carful and aware about what sounds you as a player are sending out. When you run normally people can hear you, so aim to use the SHIFT key (walk) when you may be close to an enemy to ensure they do no hear you approaching. In addition, guns shots will also give away your position so aim to eliminate the enemy as quickly as possible and then move. Moving after shooting will lead your opponents in to mistaking your position.

However, don’t trust the sound of bullets too much as an enemy could be tricking you with the new decoy grenade. This new grenade blasts out fake firing noises and could be the red herring which causes your death.

TLDR: Use sound to your advantage, act like a ninja (walk), and be aware of decoy grenades.