Monday, 31 October 2011

Interview with Chet Faliszek from Valve

This is a 36 minute interview with Chet from valve by HLTV. A large array of topics are discussed with Chet answering all questions with great detail.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Top 3 New Features In CS:GO

3- Molotov cocktail

Currently one of the most popular ways to over throw the enemies defence is to rush. Rushing is when the team storm in as quickly as possible in order to surprise and overthrow the enemy, this attack is all about speed and access.

CS:GO will include a new thrown weapon (Molotov cocktail - $850) which will create a blanket of flames which will dramatically decrease a player’s speed and cause damage if stepped in. This adds a whole new mechanic to the game as an area could be blocked off and a rush could be prevented. I am very excited about this feature as it is completely new and could potentially be a game changer.

2– Taser

Getting a knife kill in Counter Strike has always been satisfying. Humiliating another playing in this way was always good fun, which is why I think the taser; a one shot, one kill; close range weapon will be a fabulous addition. To the right is an image of what a taser gun will look like in CS: GO, as you can see it looks like a slightly modified pistol ($1000)

Overall I think this weapon will be a great addition as one of my favourite things to do in CSS is to humiliate and now I will have more ways to facilitate this much-loved deed.

1 – Match making system

This new system will allow players to join a ranked 5v5 match with their team or be put in a team with players whose skill is similar. When your team enters the match making system they will play against teams with a similar skill rank. It is un-decided which statistics will go towards your rank but it has been confirmed that your Kill to death ration will not be it.

I think this a fantastic way for new players to have a go at the competitive side of the game. It will also make the task of finding a scrim/mix much easier as teams will no longer need to use MIRC or other platforms.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Inferno CS:GO - More Gameplay

A 5v5 Match on Inferno with commentry from Chet.

This video gives a great insight in to gameplay on the new Inferno map.

Beta Keys

For people who attended PAX or the Eurogamer Expo and had the chance to try out CS:GO also received a Beta Key. People are desperately trying to get their hands on them online with some people paying up to £40 pounds for them on eBay. It was recently suggested (by Chet) that people do not buy these keys online as there will be an open beta in October.
I would also like to encourage people not to purchase these keys online as many scammers are using this desperation to their advantage by selling fake Keys to the innocent Counter Strike fans. I would not worry about missing out on the beta as Valve know what people want and will not leave anybody out.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Beta.

At PAX and the Eurogamer Expo Chet confirmed that the open beta would open in October. October is coming to an end so we should expect to see the beta open its doors in the next few days. However Valve are renowned for their inaccurate predictions when it comes to releases, so I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see the beta for at least another two months.


America vs. Europe (CS:GO Gameplay)

Over an hour of CS:GO footage from the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge in New York.

America fight Europe on De_dust2 with commentary from 
Joe Miller.

Brought to you by ESL TV with Joe Miller and midway at Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge New York.

My First Impressions.

I have played Counter Strike: Source for over a quarter of my life. It has played a major role in my youth and I truly love the game and the community it carries.

When I first heard about Global Offensive a tear was nearly shed, I spent the following days eagerly awaiting more information. It was then announced that CS:GO would be playable at the Eurogamer Expo in London. ( I have never bought a ticket for an event so quickly). Overall the Expo was great but I only had one thing on my mind.

Finally I was in the queue talking with Chet faliszek (writer at Valve Software) whilst leaning over shoulders trying to catch a clearer view. The game was only available to play on the PS3 which was a little disappointing but understandable. The controls were extremely difficult and awkward to control and they were not as fluid as MW3 or BF3 for example. Each person only had about 10 minutes of gaming so it was hard to get used to the controls in this short time. The layout on the controller was very random, for instance: R1 was change weapon and circle was scope.

Overall the game looked great, the textures where much more detailed than CSS and the movement and firing animations looked fantastic. Overall CS:GO is shaping up to be a great step forward for the counter strike series, however I will definitely be sticking with the PC version.

Over 3.5 minutes of Gameplay Footage (HD)

Over 3.5 minutes of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gameplay (PS3) captured at Eurogamer Expo London.

Filmed on a Sanyo VPC-CG20 1080p HD

Gameplay Footage HD

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (PS3) gameplay captured at Eurogamer Expo London.

Everything Counter Strike: Global Offensive Related

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This blog will be a great place to discover news, videos and interviews about the soon to be released game.