Friday, 30 March 2012

AK-47 Accuracy Patch Update

This great video shows the great improvement the CS:GO development team have made in the new patch in terms of recoil. The first shot accuracy has increased vastly allowing a player to effectively pick those long distance headshots.

Thanks to PantheonESports for the clear demonstration.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

First Shot Accuracy in Counter Strike

Over the past few weeks there has been an ongoing discussion about the accuracy of the first shot in the Counter Strike series. The debate started when the accuracy of the first AK-47 shot in Global Offensive was criticized as not 100% accurate. The Raging began about how this changes the whole face of CS as historically the first shot is the most important. This discussion was interrupted as numerous CS 1.6 players proceeded to demonstrate how the first bullet isn’t 100% in any of the previous editions and how it has never been 100% dead on.

The CS:GO development team have had a strong presence in the community during this beta and have not being scared to get out there and answer players queries and questions directly. This issue has again sparked developer interaction which is presented in the following blog post. To summarise they explain how the beta is a beta and is there to “eliminate as much irrelevant noise from the testing process as possible.” They also released firing range maps for all three versions: CS, CS:S, and CS:GO to allow everyone to test out the accuracy of weapons in a controlled environment, with the comment “We figure that the community might want to run their own [tests] and discuss their results”.

In conclusion the development team has their eye on this issue and is definitely community focused in their efforts. Even though this game may take forever to release, when it does I think it will be what the community were waiting for.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New CS:GO Beta Update!

The patch notes:
  • Added St. Marc to Demolition mode.
  • Added and set quick match to cs_Italy
  • Added de_dust2_se
  • New weapons: Famas, Galil AR, P250, Dual Berettas
  • Demolition mode update: match now consists of two 10 round halves
  • Weapon progression updated
    • CTs: m4a4, p90, ump45, deagle, nova, fiveseven, hkp2000, ssg08, awp, awp
    • Ts: ak47, p90, bison, deagle, nova, tec9, glock, ssg08, awp, awp
  • Added My Awards – Achievements & Stats
  • Updated alerts animation
  • Games with a half-time now display that it’s the last round before halftime
  • Fixed final round not being called out in games with two halves
  • Fixed player getting a weapon upgrade on the last round before half-time/teamswap
  • Fixed some bugs where involving bot takeover scenarios
  • Fixed death message icon order – not penetration icon show up before the headshot so it makes sense in chronological order
  • Fixed some bad defusing text when spectating
  • Fixed “YOU ARE ON TEAM” panels not fading out properly
  • Fixed same panels not toggling visibility properly when toggling the scoreboard
  • When a CT is defusing, his ID shows the defuse icon now
  • Fixed scoreboard not showing from team selection menu
  • Restored ability to see when you unlocked an achievement on PC
  • Along with the hint, weapons now click when you change modes
  • Fix to not display the cash award message in the following cases:
    • The round just prior to halftime has ended.
    • It is not currently halftime
    • It is not the last round of the match (including the clinch victory early situation)
  • Space bar now changes camera mode and navigation text has been updated accordingly
  • Update to Match Set Up screen
  • Fix for PC video settings defaulting to COUCH
  • Modified “Playing on Team…” panel.
  • Visual update to mini-scoreboard
  • Dust
    • Fix bug that allowed player to hop near wall and see into inaccessible area – replaced some nodraw brushes with textures to help fix these holes.
    • Fixed bug where player clip limits jumping -removed player clip that was preventing them from jumping the full height.
  • Dust 2
    • Fixed bug where player can toss bomb out of reach.
    • Fixed bug where clip preventing jumping.
    • Fixed bug where player was able to see out of map. -added some simple tops to this geometry.
    • Fixed bug where player can hop near wall and see into inaccessible area.
    • Fixed bug where clip limits jumping.
  • Lake
    • Tree models were optimized
    • Fixed bug where player gets stuck on the physics prop model of lumber, changed this to static props
    • [* Increased the fade distance at which some of the bushes fade
    • Nav fixes
    • Fixed being able to get stuck between rock & shed.
    • Adjusted start position of the upstairs doors into the bedroom and bathroom so there is better flow into those spaces.
    • Adjusted some tree cards in the skybox, and perimeter.
    • Pulled out a couple unneeded tree models in the 3dskybox to help with perf.
    • Draw distance for the floaties in the water seems too near.
  • Train
    • Adjusted fog per community feedback.
  • Inferno
    • Tightened up collision volumes for Inferno Objects bomb crate, bomb crate stack, and bomb tanks
  • Disabled unused sound entries. Adding back in two sets of bullet surface impacts.
  • Added semi
  • auto to auto switch sound.
  • Ambient sound adjustments for dust, dust2, and Italy.
  • Sound effects tuning.
  • Pulled down volume of ammo pickup that’s played at round start.
  • Pulled bell attenuation back to normal levels, only hear in and around terrorist spawn, no longer level wide.
  • Increased life on helicopter from 15 to 25 seconds, for chopper fade out.
  • UI timer click down to .35 volume.
  • Grenade visibility – added self illum to colored stripe on thrown flashbang.
  • Tune effect for the C4′s flashing indicator light.
  • Removed forearm slap, times and remixed clip out wave
  • Tune Terrorist run
  • Work on the arms and weapon.
  • Fix crouch fire leg wiggle in Terrorist aim
  • Fix for crouchwalk finger popping, found that stand had a sliding finger, now stabilized in Terrorist aim
Other Bug Fixes:
  • Fix for spawning inside another player after halftime.
  • Fixing CSM entity related bug that could cause CSM shadows to be disabled when toggling between fullscreen and windowed when connected to a dedicated server.
  • Fixing red console errors with props that were set to use VPhysics, but have no collision hull.
  • Fixed bug where the main menu could be clicked through the custom game menu (resulting in both being drawn)
  • Cleaned up warnings in single player screen

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

What’s Wrong With CS: GO?

CS: GO is obviously not perfect, there are many aspects of the game which require work. The community have been very active in providing “feedback” to the beta in order to streamline the game to their ideal. Below is a link to an insightful article featuring Tomi “lurppis” Kovanen who is one of the Counter Strike legends. He talks about the main problems with the CS: GO beta and even says “It’s not fun. It’s a terrible game right now”. Read the below article to see why.

Link to the article.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Join the CS: GO Reddit Community!

Reddit and CS: GO
Reddit is one of the internet’s most active websites with more than 2 billion page views a month. This mass community is home to thousands of smaller groups called Sub-Reddits which help people with similar interests connect and converse. Counter Strike being a popular game among Redditors has a strong CS: GO community which offers fans of the upcoming game a chance to discuss, share and play everything CS: GO related. The site has many posts per day and is one of my favourite places to keep up to date with the news and everything CS: GO Beta related.

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