Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New CS:GO Beta Update!

The patch notes:
  • Added St. Marc to Demolition mode.
  • Added and set quick match to cs_Italy
  • Added de_dust2_se
  • New weapons: Famas, Galil AR, P250, Dual Berettas
  • Demolition mode update: match now consists of two 10 round halves
  • Weapon progression updated
    • CTs: m4a4, p90, ump45, deagle, nova, fiveseven, hkp2000, ssg08, awp, awp
    • Ts: ak47, p90, bison, deagle, nova, tec9, glock, ssg08, awp, awp
  • Added My Awards – Achievements & Stats
  • Updated alerts animation
  • Games with a half-time now display that it’s the last round before halftime
  • Fixed final round not being called out in games with two halves
  • Fixed player getting a weapon upgrade on the last round before half-time/teamswap
  • Fixed some bugs where involving bot takeover scenarios
  • Fixed death message icon order – not penetration icon show up before the headshot so it makes sense in chronological order
  • Fixed some bad defusing text when spectating
  • Fixed “YOU ARE ON TEAM” panels not fading out properly
  • Fixed same panels not toggling visibility properly when toggling the scoreboard
  • When a CT is defusing, his ID shows the defuse icon now
  • Fixed scoreboard not showing from team selection menu
  • Restored ability to see when you unlocked an achievement on PC
  • Along with the hint, weapons now click when you change modes
  • Fix to not display the cash award message in the following cases:
    • The round just prior to halftime has ended.
    • It is not currently halftime
    • It is not the last round of the match (including the clinch victory early situation)
  • Space bar now changes camera mode and navigation text has been updated accordingly
  • Update to Match Set Up screen
  • Fix for PC video settings defaulting to COUCH
  • Modified “Playing on Team…” panel.
  • Visual update to mini-scoreboard
  • Dust
    • Fix bug that allowed player to hop near wall and see into inaccessible area – replaced some nodraw brushes with textures to help fix these holes.
    • Fixed bug where player clip limits jumping -removed player clip that was preventing them from jumping the full height.
  • Dust 2
    • Fixed bug where player can toss bomb out of reach.
    • Fixed bug where clip preventing jumping.
    • Fixed bug where player was able to see out of map. -added some simple tops to this geometry.
    • Fixed bug where player can hop near wall and see into inaccessible area.
    • Fixed bug where clip limits jumping.
  • Lake
    • Tree models were optimized
    • Fixed bug where player gets stuck on the physics prop model of lumber, changed this to static props
    • [* Increased the fade distance at which some of the bushes fade
    • Nav fixes
    • Fixed being able to get stuck between rock & shed.
    • Adjusted start position of the upstairs doors into the bedroom and bathroom so there is better flow into those spaces.
    • Adjusted some tree cards in the skybox, and perimeter.
    • Pulled out a couple unneeded tree models in the 3dskybox to help with perf.
    • Draw distance for the floaties in the water seems too near.
  • Train
    • Adjusted fog per community feedback.
  • Inferno
    • Tightened up collision volumes for Inferno Objects bomb crate, bomb crate stack, and bomb tanks
  • Disabled unused sound entries. Adding back in two sets of bullet surface impacts.
  • Added semi
  • auto to auto switch sound.
  • Ambient sound adjustments for dust, dust2, and Italy.
  • Sound effects tuning.
  • Pulled down volume of ammo pickup that’s played at round start.
  • Pulled bell attenuation back to normal levels, only hear in and around terrorist spawn, no longer level wide.
  • Increased life on helicopter from 15 to 25 seconds, for chopper fade out.
  • UI timer click down to .35 volume.
  • Grenade visibility – added self illum to colored stripe on thrown flashbang.
  • Tune effect for the C4′s flashing indicator light.
  • Removed forearm slap, times and remixed clip out wave
  • Tune Terrorist run
  • Work on the arms and weapon.
  • Fix crouch fire leg wiggle in Terrorist aim
  • Fix for crouchwalk finger popping, found that stand had a sliding finger, now stabilized in Terrorist aim
Other Bug Fixes:
  • Fix for spawning inside another player after halftime.
  • Fixing CSM entity related bug that could cause CSM shadows to be disabled when toggling between fullscreen and windowed when connected to a dedicated server.
  • Fixing red console errors with props that were set to use VPhysics, but have no collision hull.
  • Fixed bug where the main menu could be clicked through the custom game menu (resulting in both being drawn)
  • Cleaned up warnings in single player screen

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