Tuesday, 27 March 2012

First Shot Accuracy in Counter Strike

Over the past few weeks there has been an ongoing discussion about the accuracy of the first shot in the Counter Strike series. The debate started when the accuracy of the first AK-47 shot in Global Offensive was criticized as not 100% accurate. The Raging began about how this changes the whole face of CS as historically the first shot is the most important. This discussion was interrupted as numerous CS 1.6 players proceeded to demonstrate how the first bullet isn’t 100% in any of the previous editions and how it has never been 100% dead on.

The CS:GO development team have had a strong presence in the community during this beta and have not being scared to get out there and answer players queries and questions directly. This issue has again sparked developer interaction which is presented in the following blog post. To summarise they explain how the beta is a beta and is there to “eliminate as much irrelevant noise from the testing process as possible.” They also released firing range maps for all three versions: CS, CS:S, and CS:GO to allow everyone to test out the accuracy of weapons in a controlled environment, with the comment “We figure that the community might want to run their own [tests] and discuss their results”.

In conclusion the development team has their eye on this issue and is definitely community focused in their efforts. Even though this game may take forever to release, when it does I think it will be what the community were waiting for.


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