Thursday, 31 May 2012

Is the CS:GO Beta Dying?

During the past few weeks the hype around CS:GO seems to have settled. With no major beta updates and the release of the awaited Diablo 3 the beta has been less and less active. With limited maps and features the beta’s grasp on my attention is slowly loosening. In addition, the fact that any practise maybe deemed worthless as updates to the games could drastically change important aspects such as movement and recoil.

Although, the recent changes to recoil have made the game much more enjoyable, I still find myself spending several hours a week playing, trying to pull off those epic headshots. My Advice to CS:GO beta players would be sit tight and await the next patch as something tells me it’s going to be a big one.

- Matt

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  1. Don't know about Beta, but I don't like Diablo 3 so much that I would ignore CS.
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